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A gritty yet heroic campaign for player levels 1-?. The characters converge on one of the darkest and most unsafe of cities on the continent, in the ashes of an empire. Unbeknownst to the party, the darkness within this city hides greater evil waiting for the right moment. Other areas of the empire didn’t take the darker path, and divide and obstruct the leylines that would bring the fallen back to the material plane. The growing corruption is what brings the party to the city, to investigate (seer, possessed relative, curiosity)

The fall of the empire broke many things, leaving fragments of its glory. Those fragments, however, didn’t all stay in the land of the living. As the years went by for mortals, the fallen empire plots a rebirth as undead. They just need the right host…

Main Antagonists Evil God – ? Accessory to rebirth Master Controller (fallen King), evil Master Controller (fallen Queen), neutral Master Controller (fallen estranged Queen), evil Various lords?

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Corrupted Hearts